We want to make sure no one is left out. By offering progression based movements, expert coaching and programming, that happens to be effective, we let the entire community be part of Crossfit. We change fitness from exclusive to inclusive and guests from outsiders to insiders.

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“I used to be 30 pounds overweight, my health was in tatters and my relationships were worse. Then I discovered Crossfit Upland. It was tough at first. But thanks to my new friends at the gym, I got to the point where it was fun. Within months, I lost dozens of pounds. But more important, I felt good about myself. The real win for me though, was the friendships I made. I discovered that not only did I feel terrific physically, but being out on the gym floor with people, old friends like you and the new ones I made at the gym, made me feel more alive. I’m so glad you are willing to come to the gym today. I called ahead to let them know you are coming.” -Marissa Z.