Long Workouts: Pacing

Gassing out during a workout? We have all experienced it. Even elite athletes have mistakenly gone out “too hot” at the start and lost their lead at the end.

Throughout my years of coaching CrossFit, the best performances come from athletes who pace. Whether a workout is for time or reps, keeping a consistent pace is key.

Pacing doesn’t mean slow. Think of pacing like this. On a scale from 0-10, 0 is at rest and 10 is a full sprint, be at 6 to 7. This will allow enough gas in the tank to last the entire workout. As you get more fit, your 6 to 7 will get faster and then performance improves.

Here are a few points to consider to endure longer workouts:

1. Create a plan. Pick a rep and rest strategy that is sustainable and fits your style.

2. Stick to your plan. As best as you can. Shit happens so be ready.

3. Start at a pace that is manageable for the entire workout. Don’t be influenced by other athletes. Race your race.

Know your body. Push it, maintain it, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and you will execute peak performance during the most difficult workouts.


David Shirley

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