The Yoga Burpee: A Warm Up

The point of the warmup is to… surprise… warmup. Its to prepare your body and your mind for things to come.

Nearly every gym and every trainer has their own style of warmup. Some are good and some are great. I’ve yet to see a bad warmup. I suppose a bad warmup is none at all.

My style of warmup will almost always have some sort of mobility piece attached to it. Getting the joints through a full range of motion. I want to get all the cobwebs dusted off before we start throwing weight around.

Thats where the Yoga Burpee comes in. The yoga burpee is a routine I use at the gym as a quick and effective way to warm up. It’s deigned to open up your shoulders and hips. Also, your arms get a workout holding the push-up position.

The Yoga Burpee is based on three parts. Each part starts with an inchworm.

The first part goes like this: standing, inchworm, knees, chest, up dog, down dog, standing.

The second part is: standing, inchworm, right twisting bear, left twisting bear, down dog, standing.

The third and final part is: standing, inchworm, right runners lunge, touchdown, left runners lunge, touchdown, down dog, standing.

Yoga burpees can be repeated as many times as necessary to get the desired results for the warmup. I will normally repeat this 3 times. At a slow pace this is enough.

Feel free to add anything you like to the yoga burpee. For example, add a fourth part by jumping up to a pull-up bar and hanging. Or you can add 3 push-ups between each part.


David Shirley

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