Hip Extension: Its a jump

To be successful in Crossfit and athletics, learn proper hip extension. Hips generate a tremendous amount of power and movement when used correctly.

Hip extension is moving the hips from a bent position to a straight position as in jumping or sprinting. If you hear a coach say, “big hip extension”, what we are saying is, aggressively push your hips forward. Go from a bent position to a straight position with speed and intent.

At Crossfit Upland, our hips allow us to do movements like: kipping pull-ups, power cleans, snatch, kettlebell swings, running. All of these movements require fast hip extension to pull off.

One way to improve hip extension is to squeeze your glutes. The glutes are a powerful hip extensor. Fire those muscle to get more speed in your hips. This speed will translate to increased power.

Another way to get your hips to move forward quickly and aggressively is to move your sternum upright. You maybe have heard your coach say “chest up”. We want your chest upright and stacked over your hips. This creates proper structure and keeps you safe.

Hip extension. It’s one of the most athletic movements you can perform. Next time you are in Crossfit Upland, ask a coach “how do I improve my hip extension”. We will take a look at your current level and then give a recommendation how to improve it.


David Shirley

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