Track Your Food and Fast

I track what I eat and I intermittently fast.

Food tracking

Tracking my food serves a few goals. For starters, it slows me down. I can no longer grab the chips and chomp away. When I track, I need to get out my scale. Get a plate. Set the plate on the scale. Tare the scale. Measure out the chips. Then chomp away. All the added steps slow me down. Helping me make better food choices.

Another reason for tracking is to get to know the type of food I like. Knowing what I like to eat will help me select a better diet. After a few weeks of tracking, I noticed I am partial to fats. Actually I love them. I will drink whipping cream. So, I eat more of a Keto style diet. Eating Keto means more fat. But to keep the calories from getting too high, I will take from (reduce) my protein and carbs. As long as it falls within the macro and calorie range, its in my mouth.

Intermittent fasting

I feel its important to be hungry, every day.

First and foremost it makes food taste better. If you have ever been starving you know what I mean. Broccoli can taste amazing on an empty stomach.

If you are constantly eating throughout the day, you are never hungry. Hunger is our bodies natural mechanism. Stay in touch with that.

The app I use to help me fast is called zero. Its easy to use and free.

As I write this I’m hungry. My stomach wants food. But thats okay. Food can wait.


David Shirley

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