A Sample Week of Workouts

So the other day I was picturing a fictional week of working out. Normally my workouts consists of Crossfit and more Crossfit. But this one was different. Its focus was on lengthening the tissue.

Here is what I came up with:

Day 1: Hot yoga session.

Starting the week with hot yoga will get the muscles, ligaments and tendons lengthened and loose. Plus yoga offers a mindful practice I’ve been focused on. By mindful I am referring to the practice of being in the present moment. Yoga teaches this.

Day 2: Stretching with weights.

Joints, connective tissue and muscles were stretched to the max yesterday. Now we are bringing tension back to the muscles by adding weights. Keep the weights light. We are still going into deep ranges of motion. These are the days to work on movements like overhead squat, snatch and other flexible demanding movements.

Day 3: Light weight or no weight cardio session.

We should be feeling good and lose. Now it’s time to do some steady state cardio for at least 30 minutes. We want to circulate as much oxygen rich blood through the body as possible. So a lot of good breathing while not getting the heart rate up too high.

Day 4: Heavy lifting.

Squatting and hinging movements like back squats and deadlifts today. For sure some pull-ups. Going heavy will remind the body what it’s like to lift heavy. We will be adding even more tension in the tissue. But after all the stretching in the previous workouts, we will see a boost in performance because we will have more movement in the joints.

Day 5: Crossfit WOD

Friday night lights. My week of workouts wouldn’t be complete without a good o’ Crossfit WOD. Every workout up till now was massaging the muscles. Now it’s time to hit it hard.

It’s now Friday and you have 2 days off until you hit hot yoga again. If you feel like doing something in between you have a couple of options.

Option 1: Skill work.

Option 2: Lifting session.

This was fun to think up. As you grow older and mature, your style of workouts change. Maybe this week of workouts will be in my future.


David Shirley

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