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Dürer's Rhinoceros, 16th Century

Dürer's Rhinoceros, 16th Century

How Can You Know You're Working Out Correctly?

  • Do you need a single gym to unite your fitness?

  • Is it time to revamp your workouts?

  • Does working out alone make your brain hurt?

  • Is explaining your fitness goals complicated?

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“I used to be 30 pounds overweight, my health was in tatters and my relationships were worse. Then I discovered Crossfit Upland. It was tough at first. But thanks to my new friends at the gym, I got to the point where it was fun. Within months, I lost dozens of pounds. But more important, I felt good about myself. The real win for me though, was the friendships I made. I discovered that not only did I feel terrific physically, but being out on the gym floor with people, old friends like you and the new ones I made at the gym, made me feel more alive. I’m so glad you are willing to come to the gym today. I called ahead to let them know you are coming.” -Marissa Z.